Located on the Downtown Manteo Waterfront, Roanoke Island, North Carolina

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105 Fernando Street
PO Box 279
Manteo, NC 27954

Artist's Statement

"Painting is not only a profession it is also a way of life"

In my opinion, the only way to become a painter is to paint. Throughout my second decade of painting, I have worked hard and smart at the principles and elements to make my paintings my own personal interpretation of a subject. Each new painting personifies the creation of all my works along with something fresh and lively. I am constantly challenging myself to apply innovative ideas even to familiar works.

I continue to learn and fine tune my painting style. My signature technique of rich neutrals surrounding intense highlights draws attention to the points of highest contrast in my paintings while allowing the richness of the neutrals to not be lost. My brush strokes encourage active viewing. As a representational painter, my subject material comes from my life and my personal point of view. I paint the majority of my paintings from life and the rest from drawings. I believe this keeps me honest in my work and to myself.

I am a native North Carolinian living on Roanoke Island. I sell my work at John Silver Gallery in downtown Manteo. I have patrons both corporate and private that collect my work from coast to coast and abroad. I am honored and grateful for their continued support. I spend my days in my studio or on location with brush in hand.