Located on the Downtown Manteo Waterfront, Roanoke Island, North Carolina

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105 Fernando Street
PO Box 279
Manteo, NC 27954

Artist's Statement

Mike Hoyt thinks of himself as a "southern impressionist." Taking a page from the French Impressionists and several American artists, such as Edward Hopper, Mike prefers to paint everyday surroundings and capture their hidden beauty.

"There's something magic about an old barn or a shrimp boat or a broken-down tractor. Not only do they have interesting form, these subjects capture our warm, southern sunshine in interesting ways. Monet would have gone nuts here." Simple objects, warmth and color are the essence of Mike's work that is as he says,"is a journey to unwrap the beauty of ordinary stuff."

Is Hoyt trying to make a statement with his work? "Not really," he says. "Like most artists I know, I like to paint subjects that make me happy, that make me smile. I get real excited when I can turn something some folks may consider ordinary, or even ugly, into an interesting painting.

Mike lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife Judy and their two labs, Mayzie and McGwire.